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Mrs Mighetto 2-PACK Sofia & Annie


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Mrs Mighetto -sarjan julistetuplapakkaus lastenhuoneeseen.
2-PACK 18X24 Sofia / Annie

… To be born without wings in the Land of Birds is difficult and it can take time to discover the gift that has been bestowed on you. At birth, Annie received a big eagle that would protect her until her talent unfolded. Until the day that two enormous birds were seen high up in the sky, and it turned out that Miss Annie could change shape at any time and become the bravest eagle that the kingdom ever saw. 

… Miss Sofia is much smaller than the country’s otherinhabitants. She was rescued by a sparrow family when she was forced to flee her homeland and since then she has lived with her new family, in a bird’s nest at the top of a lush dark green willow tree. Sofia has done everything to fit in, but never stops thinking about her origins.

Julisteiden koko: 18x24 cm

Materiaali: 200 g Munken Polar Rough matta paperi.
Lanseerattu 27.9.2018.

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