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Mrs Mighetto MISS VEGA 40x50


Hinta: 50,00 5000
Määrä: kpl
Mrs Mighetto Miss Vega juliste lastenhuoneeseen.


…The day on which the breeze became a hurricane and the dew became a typhoon, that day when strength was needed and magic indispensable, Miss Vega was the first there. She could be found right up at the front. Fearless. With arms outstretched, she focused all her magic powers on calming the wind and taming the water. A master of the air and at one with earth, fire and water.

Julisteen koko: 40x50 cm

Materiaali: 170 g Munken Polar Rough matta paperi.

Lanseerattu 10.10.2019.

LIMITED EDITION - tätä julistetta on tehty vain tämä erä. Rajoitettu painos, kun se on loppuunmyyty, se loppuu ikuisesti.