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Mrs Mighetto MISS POPPY 50x40


Hinta: 50,00 5000
Määrä: kpl
Mrs Mighetto Miss Poppy juliste lastenhuoneeseen.

… Poppy is a flower in a different guise; she lives in the earth, drinks water and grows with the help of heat and light. She’s the bridge between us and nature, the missing link who can tell us what our planet really needs. She gauges the mood of the air and can communicate its needs. She’s crucial to the future, perhaps our most important advocate ever.

Julisteen koko: 50x40 cm

Materiaali: 170 g Munken Polar Rough matta paperi.

Lanseerattu 10.10.2019.

LIMITED EDITION - tätä julistetta on tehty vain tämä erä. Rajoitettu painos, kun se on loppuunmyyty, se loppuu ikuisesti.