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Mrs Mighetto MISS GERTRUD 40x50


Hinta: 50,00 5000
Määrä: kpl
Mrs Mighetto Miss Gertrud juliste lastenhuoneeseen. Mrs Mighetto FAIRGROUND FRIENDS mallisto julkaistiin.


…Miss Gertrud is no large person. In fact, Gertrud is so tiny she sleeps in the tulle of a tutu. She works in the costume department, but due to her diminutive size she is struggling to carry large bolts of fabric and lift heavy scissors. Without using magic, that is. Luckily, she is good at magic, and finds that it can solve just about any problem. Gertrud creates perfect costumes and props for the fairground with seemingly endless imagination.

Julisteen koko: 40x50 cm

Materiaali: 170 g Munken Polar Rough matta paperi.

Lanseerattu 23.5.2020

LIMITED EDITION - tätä julistetta on tehty vain tämä erä. Rajoitettu painos, kun se on loppuunmyyty, se loppuu ikuisesti.